Know your rightsParking tickets issued by this company are called Parking Charge Notice’s or PCNs. They do not result in a criminal record or points on a driving license. They are separate from a Fixed Penalty Notice, issued by the Police and Traffic Wardens.

A Parking Charge Notice is issued when a driver parks a vehicle in contravention of the Terms and Conditions stated onsite via signs at the entrance and in other places around the site.

What should I do if I get a Parking Charge Notice?

You must now either pay or appeal, you cannot do both.

What to do next will be shown on the Parking Charge Notice and detailed below. If you ignore the notice you may lose the option to pay at the reduced rate.


All vehicles issued with a Parking Charge Notice are photographed for evidential purposes and if unpaid the registered keeper’s details may be requested from the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (D.V.L.A)

Once the Parking Charge Notice is issued it cannot be cancelled by a parking attendant. Threatening behaviour, verbal or physical abuse towards attendants will not be tolerated, and will be reported to the Police. Although we appreciate that you may be upset or annoyed at receiving a Parking Charge Notice, we will only cancel a ticket when it is justifiable and valid to do so.

Unpaid Parking Charge Notice?

Failure to pay your Parking Charge may result in action being taken under the relevant legislation to recover the charge, so what action will be taken?

After 14 days
You lose the right to pay at the discounted sum starting with the date on which the Parking Charge Notice was issued.

After a further 14 days
Details of the keeper may be requested if not already and a reminder sent (The fee will now be full amount).

After a further 14 days
A final reminder sent and if remains unpaid the debt may be passed to our Debt Recovery Company. After this time any action taken will depend on the the Debt Recovery Company and all queries will now be dealt with by them.

You should not ignore any correspondence sent to you with regards to the Parking Charge, and should read it carefully, it is in your best interests to do so.

Please remember it is your responsibility to ensure payment is received within the specified time period.

Do not ignore it!

How can I pay a Parking Charge Notice?

Details of how to pay and what to do next are also shown on the PCN (Parking Charge Notice).

Payment methods


Click here to make a payment online via a secure site

You will require a valid credit/debit card and both your PCN number and vehicle registration number to make payment.

When paying online please ensure you enter the card holders details accurately and that you complete all required fields.

By Phone

Payment by debit/credit card (by phone) 03333 201858 Press option 1 for the automated payment line.

This telephone number is for payments and enquires only. Appeals and challenges will not be discussed or processed by contacting this phone number.

Payment by credit/debit card online or by phone (MasterCard, Visa, Maestro, Electron, Solo, Delta or Switch – unfortunately we cannot accept Diners Card or American Express).

By Post

Payment by cheque or postal order (cheques made payable to NSGL) and send to the address shown below.

Always include details of the PCN (Parking Charge Notice) number and vehicle registration number with any payment. Please write the PCN (Parking Charge Notice) number and vehicle registration number  on the reverse of the cheque/postal order.

Please do not send cash, bank notes or blank cheques/postal orders as responsibility cannot be taken for loss.

Address to send payments to:
NSGL Parking
Unit 17
Twigworth Court Business Centre
Tewkesbury Road

How much will a Parking Charge Notice cost?

For all contraventions the amount is as stated on the Parking Charge Notice and signage in the area you received the Notice. A discount is offered in line with BPA code of practice if the notice is paid within 14 days of the date of issue. If payment is not made within this time the discounted rate is no longer available.

After 28 days if the Parking Charge Notice is not paid or appealed the matter may be referred to a debt collection agency and additional charges added.

How can I view my PCN (Parking Charge Notice)?

To view details of your PCN (Parking Charge Notice) click here and you will be directed to the payment page.

Enter your details, you will require both your vehicle registration and full PCN (Parking Charge Notice) number. You will then be able to view the general details of your PCN and the evidence photos taken. You can click on the images to enlarge them. If you do not wish to pay at this time click the back button in your browser to return to this page.

(you will not be required to pay to view the details or images taken as evidence).

If you would like to pay click the ‘Submit’ button to continue the payment process.

Click here to go to payment page to view PCN details

I am a blue badge holder, do I have to pay?

Yes. The blue badge scheme privileges are for parking on-street only and some council owned car parks and are not applicable on private land however some sites may offer concessions so please check the signs on each site. A booklet is supplied with every blue badge giving details of correct usage.

On some local private land privileges may be given so please read the signs onsite.

What happens if I dispute a Parking Charge Notice? Can I Appeal?

Appealing a notice:
You can pay or appeal a Parking notice, you cannot do both. All appeals and transfers of liability must be put in writing and must be received within 28 days of the date of the original notice.
Appeals and transfers of liability received after this time may not be accepted.

Appeal Online: www.nsglparking.co.uk
Appeal by Email: appeals@nsglparking.co.uk.
Appeal by post to the address below

Appeals cannot be presented in person or via the telephone. This is to ensure the appeal is recorded in your own words and a record kept for future reference.

Please include all information to assist with the appeal (including Notice number and Vehicle registration to ensure the appeal is assigned correctly).
The notice and the amount of the charge will be placed on hold until an appeal outcome is provided – you will be advised in writing (within 28 days). If your appeal is rejected, you will be offered the applicable amount of the charge for a further 14 days. You will also be provided with details of how to further appeal to an independent appeals service, POPLA (Parking On Private Land Appeals) along with a unique reference number.
Should you appeal to POPLA, and your appeal is declined, you will not be able to pay at the discounted rate.

Please note:
POPLA will not accept an appeal if you have not appealed to ourselves in the first instance.

Click here to Submit an appeal online

Postal address to send Appeals to:
NSGL Parking
Unit 17
Twigworth Business Centre
Tewkesbury Road

Can I come to your office to discuss my Parking Charge Notice or appeal?

No. To remain compliant with our governing body, the BPA, challenges to the issuing of a Parking Charge Notice can only be dealt with formally by appealing in writing, by completing the online appeals form or by email. You will receive a response to your appeal and a decision made within 28 days.

Can I discuss my Parking Charge Notice or appeal over the telephone?

No. To remain compliant with our governing body, the BPA, challenges to the issuing of a Parking Charge Notice can only be dealt with formally by appealing in writing or by email. You will receive a response to your appeal and a decision made within 28 days.

Unpaid Parking Charge Notice’s are referred to our Debt Recovery Company.

I’ve been contacted by the Debt Recovery Company.

If the Parking Charge Notice has passed to the Debt Recovery Company please deal with the matter directly through them.

Can I dispute the Parking Charge Notice now it has been passed to the debt Recovery Company?

Please speak directly to the Debt Recovery Company an appeal may be accepted.

What happens if I want to make a complaint?

Definition of a Complaint

This not intended to be used as a method for motorists to appeal a Parking Charge Notice (PCN).  Matters relating specifically to appeals must be made in writing as instructed on the notice itself.

If a complaint is received that is considered to be or includes an appeal against the validity of an PCN, we will treat it as an appeal and advise the customer of this, unless we are informed that the customer does not wish it to be so handled.

Our definition of a complaint is something about the quality of the service provided by an organisation, its processes and/or the behaviour of its staff.

Our definition of an appeal – correspondence shared against the decision of an organisation – in this instance, the decision to issue a Parking Charge Notice – where a change to that decision is required.

How to make a Complaint

Customers who wish to make a complaint must do so in writing or via email.  This is to ensure we know exactly what the nature of the complaint is and this reduces the possibility of ambiguity or of the customer’s complaint not being correctly recorded over the telephone.  The complaint will then be registered onto our system and a unique reference code generated.

Once the complaint has been received, we will acknowledge the complaint within 14 days and provide the unique reference code.  The acknowledgement will be sent to the name and address or email provided.  In the absence of valid contact details, it may not be possible to process a complaint or process it within the published timeframes.

We will respond to complaints within 28 days of receipt.  In some cases, however, the allotted timeframe could be extended due to the nature of the complaint and the complexities surrounding any investigation.  If we are unable to reply to the complaint within 28 days, the customer will be written to, to advise of progress.

A complaint must be made in writing via email or post:

Email: admin@nsglparking.co.uk

Postal Address: Unit 17 Twigworth business park Tewkesbury road Gloucester GL2 9PG.

The complaint must be made within 56 days of the incident taking place.

How Complaints will be recorded

Complaints will be recorded on a complaint’s register and kept on file for 36 months and these will be available on request to authorised bodies.  The details that will be retained will be:

  • Date of complaint
  • Copy of complaint
  • Copy of all correspondence
  • The outcome
  • Details of any corrective action required

All personal data will be redacted in line with UK Data protection (GDPR) requirements.

The complaints register will be reviewed every 12 months to identify trends and training opportunities.

Escalation Process

Stage one
In the event that the customer is not satisfied with the handling of the complaint, the complaint can be escalated to The Operations Director.   The Operations Director will acknowledge the escalated complaint within 14 days.  A full response to your complaint will be issued within 28 days unless exceptional circumstances have been identified.  If more time is needed, the customer will be written to with an update.

Stage two
If the customer remains dissatisfied with our determination of the complaint, we will provide you with the details to enable you to complain to our Accredited Trade Association  (full details will be provided at the appropriate time).

In order to escalate a complaint to our Accredited Trade Association, the customer must supply our  Accredited Trade Association with a copy of our final complaint response.

Our Accredited Trade Association will not review escalated complaints where this is not provided by the customer.

Data Privacy?

By entering, waiting and remaining on the car park or parking restricted area, the driver enters a contract with us to comply with the terms and conditions of the area and to pay any parking charge that may becomes due.
The driver, having entered a contract with us agrees to the collection, processing and storage of personal data for the purpose of enforcement; to ensure they have complied with the terms and conditions and to enable enforcement as required; and for car park management (for example reporting on vehicle turnover and repeat visits).
We may obtain details from the DVLA of the registered keeper of the vehicle, through the ‘reasonable cause’ request of pursuing an outstanding private parking charge. We have a legitimate interest to process data relating to the vehicle keeper in order to ascertain the identity of the driver, subject to the protection of freedoms act 2012.

Our full privacy notice which includes your rights under current data protection legislation and how to contact us can be found here or calling 03333 201 858 (call charges will apply) and select the option to hear our privacy policy.