Car Park Services


Patrollers can be deployed to monitor your car park. They can check:

  • Authorised users (e.g. permit holders and customers)
  • Time restricted parking
  • Vehicles parked in contravention to the rules (e.g. parked in an unauthorised area or not parked in marked bays)


Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras can be used to monitor vehicles entering and leaving a car park. These movements can be checked against authorised users or time restricted parking to identify misuse of the car park.

Unlike patrols an ANPR system can provide seamless monitoring of your car park 24/7 and deter unauthorised use.

An ANPR system can also be linked to barriers and gates. Furthermore, it can provide analytics to monitor and provide data to better manage your car park.

Operate and Manage

Our team can provide support running and maintaining your car park by managing all or part of your car park operation. We can tailor our services to meet your requirements and combined with our enforcement service give you piece of mind that your car park is operating correctly.

Supply and Issue Permits (Physical and e-Permits)

We can supply and manage parking permits to identify authorised users. We are also able to offer an e-permit solution using electronic whitelisting.

Furthermore, we can setup a kiosk that you, your staff or your customers can submit their vehicles details to. This will authorise them to use the car park as per your requirements. It will also enable us to easily identify any un-authorised users so they can be deterred from using the car park.

Car Park Maintenance

We can help you to keep your car park clean, tidy and presentable. Our services include litter picking, bin emptying, minor repairs, site inspections and audits and maintenance. We can also arrange barriers, information signage, line marking, parking equipment and EV charging solutions.

Car Park Sectors

Our services are in use across a wide range of sectors in many areas of the UK. If you have a car park or specific parking problem we will be able to assist you to manage it.

Sectors include residential, public pay & display, offices, retail, trading estates, hotels and hospitality, leisure and tourism, pubs and restaurants, NHS and healthcare.

To find out more about any of our car parking services or for a no obligation quote please get in touch.